We traveled for Easter.

The night before Easter I put Mr. E to bed in a crib. For the first time. In a room across the hall from us.

Technically, he slept through the night! He went down at 8:30, woke at 3 to feed and went back down, he was up for the day at 6. At his age five consecutive hours is considered sleeping through the night. I felt like a new woman in the morning- I hadn’t slept so much since my second trimester!

We made the transition at home. He’s sleeping in his crib, in his own room. I loved having him in the room with us but, I must admit it’s nice not to hear all his grunts and other noises and to be able to sleep solidly. I thought moving him would make night feeding harder, but not hearing him sleep actually made our sleep better. And he’s sleeping so much better too. On a good night, he wakes up to feed twice. I can take this.

But, he’s growing up way too fast!