The best thing I have done for Mr. E and myself has been to reach out and engage with the new mom community. It started slow. We attended one meeting per week, and through that we learned of other groups and classes. At this point we have something Monday through Thursday. We start the week with Tummy Time at the library, Tuesday is Baby Massage, Wednesday we go to Momma and Baby Yoga, and Thursday we attend a Moms and Baby meeting. Sometimes we meet up on Friday with other new moms for walks or coffee.

I’ve quickly learned that being a stay at home mom is a full time job! It’s really wonderful to engage with other new moms and to learn so much from all these resources. I especially love my Wednesday yoga class because it’s for me! And I feel so much better after class. Part of me is sad to be making all these connections all the while knowing we’re moving out of the area in three months (um, we’re moving in three months?!). But the experience has taught me the importance of connecting with other moms and I’ve done my research about what’s available where we’re moving. I am so thankful that there are many similar resources and I am excited to get there and start to meet other moms and babies.