Last night was another bad bad bad bad sleep night for Mr. E. The night started out great. His belly was full and we gave him a bath. He literally fell asleep before A was done dressing him. I thought for sure we’d have a good night’s sleep. I was foolishly banking on a four hour stretch… We weren’t asleep for an hour before he started crying. He was inconsolable. We covered all our bases: nursing & diaper change. Still wailing. I held him and rocked him in my arms and he’d go in and out of sleep, then wake and cry violently. A slipped him a little gas medicine and we continued trying to soothe him.

He woke up, screaming, just about every hour. I just about lost my mind by 6am. At 7am, I joined in the crying. We’re supposed to start our three week baby massage class today. I felt so sick from being up all night that I have no idea how we’ll make it. And yet, I know I need to get out of the house. And I hope to learn some relaxing techniques in an effort to better soothe him. So we’re going. And then we’re coming home and napping! Of course he’s all snuggled up, sound asleep in the Er.go right now. Oh to be a baby.

ETA: We made it to our baby massage class and Mr. E fell asleep while I was massaging him…maybe this will happen again tonight! I’m glad we went it was good to see my mom friends. One of them looked at me and said you look tired today…somehow, when someone else going through this says that to me, it feels supportive and affirming, like she recognizes the hard work. I was not at all insulted as one might be when someone tells them they look tired. Tomorrow is a new day, and tonight holds the possibility of sleep!