The last week has been jam packed and deserves a post or two, which may or may not happen next week. But the difference in Mr. E from week 6 to 7 was too major not to write a small post.

First, he is smiling and cooing at us! The cooing It’s so familiar, as if he’s been doing it all along, and yet it’s totally new.  Second, one night this week he spent the first part of the night in the co-sleeper, as opposed to our bed. This was huge. And right now, as I type, he is up in the co-sleeper, sleeping all by himself! He’ll end up in our bed at some point tonight, but this is huge! Especially because he was not asleep when I put him down, nor did he cry. He simply dozed off to sleep. I can’t believe how much he’s changed in the last week!