Yesterday A and I celebrated our seven year anniversary (7 years!). Things have been kind of rough lately and A has been having a really hard time sleeping (add a newborn into the mix and, well, it’s not too fun for her). She’d been up most of the night, so I didn’t want to wake her, but I’d also planned to surprise her and take her out to one of our favorite breakfast places. Mr. E and I let her sleep in till about 9:45.

The three of us got ready and headed out for a fun day. We enjoy a delicious breakfast out. Afterwards we bought a new camera, because our not-very-old camera is dead. Mr. E enjoyed his lunch at the Library while A checked out a book. Then A and I sipped some coffee at a newish cafe before heading to see this week’s momma and baby movie at our local independent cinema (every Tuesday there is a matinée designated for moms to bring their babies). There were a couple of moms and babies from one of my groups. We enjoyed the movie and Mr. E did really well, thanks to the Er.go! It was fun to spend our anniversary with Mr. E, instead of dreaming of a baby.

I left A and Mr. E last night while I went out and had my hair chopped off! I’ve been wanting to shed my mane for awhile – since summer. But I’d been growing it for so long and many people seem to be attached to it, including my hairdresser, so I haven’t done it. But now with Mr. E here, I just don’t have the time to do much with it. And when it’s as long as it was, I at least needed to dry it. I feel so much better with it now, and my hairdresser was surprisingly in support of my decision!

Today we did a lot around the house. We’re leaving tomorrow for our first road trip with Mr. E. His bag is packed, ours are not. We’re excited to get away and for him to meet my extended family. Next weekend we’re hitting the road again to visit with A’s family.  Mr. E better get used to the car!