A and I didn’t go out to dinner much even before Mr. E was born. Usually because we were trying to save money. Blah blah blah. So we don’t really miss it. How can you miss something you never had? But, we do tend to indulge over special occasions. Yesterday’s special occasion was A starting her one week vacation. I am so excited that she’s home with us for the next week. And we’re running low on food in the house. And it was clear neither one of us wanted to cook. So I asked her if she wanted to – gasp – go out for dinner?

We spent a good 20 minutes discussing how that might work with Mr. E in tow, and then another 10 minutes deciding on a restaurant we felt comfortable taking him (read: family friendly). By the time we were ready and convinced we could do this, we had just about hit the time he usually starts fussing. But we went ahead with the plan. Called ahead to the restaurant, fed him, and got out the door.

We had a slight wait once there, but he was sound asleep in his car-seat. We were seated and he slept. We enjoyed a glass of wine. And then we enjoyed our salads, and then our entrees! Near the end of dinner he began to stir so I popped him in a carrier and he dozed off.

We had a successful date, and I must admit, it was a little strange to have our son pulled up to the table with us! I guess this is life now. This morning we were talking about one of our favorite overnight get aways and A said to Mr. E, someday we’ll go there and leave you home. Then she looked at me and said, I don’t want to leave him home. And I said, well when he’s two or three, we’ll be ready. She retorted, TWO or THREE?! I guess we’re not quite on the same page about our our first nights away. We’ve got plenty of time to figure it out.