A and I didn’t plan on practicing attachment parenting. I am not sure that we had a ‘parenting plan’ and surely we’re still figuring it out, and will be for a long long time. However, Mr. E seems to come from the school of AP. It started when, on our second night home from the hospital, he insisted on sleeping in our bed. Most recently, he’s decided he wants to be worn ALL THE TIME! During the day he used to sleep in his bassinet in the living room, but recently he’s decided it’s much better to sleep on one of us in either the Baby Bjorn or Ergo carriers. I wear this baby all freaking day and night. And when he has a hard time sleeping in the bed, he sleeps on me. So once again, he’s calling the shots and we are, for all intents purposes, carrying out attachment parenting. It’s a good thing we’re flexible.