I can’t believe how much bigger my heart feels since having Mr. E. He seriously has created more love than I can handle at times.

I love love love when he sleeps on my chest. In the wee hours of the morning, this is often the only way to soothe him back to sleep. And we both sleep, peacefully, and it’s the most beautiful thing ever.

The love and support my family has shown us is overwhelming, and sometimes brings me to tears. My Dad in particular, who hasn’t always been the most touchy-feely kind of guy, has done some pretty amazing things for us and his love for Mr. E is so great.

I tear up every time I replay the moment in my head just after I birthed Mr. E, and A announced, boy. That moment is the highlight of my life.

It’s hard to believe: this guy is ours, he loves us so much already, being his mother feels completely natural.