Extreme Nesting has come to an end! A and I spent today, the last day of our vacation, sorting through our kitchen, which was the last project on our list. Since we started Extreme Nesting some time last fall we have:

  • Begun selling furniture we don’t need/want
  • Moved three car loads of our stuff and our two kayaks into storage on the Cape
  • Organized all our files
  • Donated books galore
  • Downsized from two desks to one
  • Donated any and all clothes that we don’t wear/no longer fit
  • Gotten rid of so many “things” we don’t need/want – I have yet to blog about my new love affair with e.Bay
  • Sorted through both bathroom’s cabinets – purged old medicines and other crap we don’t need
  • Picked through all our food cabinets and tossed expired food, married spices, organized, and vowed to create meals with the food we already have
  • Sorted out the kitchen gadgets and donated the stuff we don’t use – our kitchen is so much more manageable now!

As we completed each project we cleaned the area before putting away the items we’re keeping. This place is clean and only contains the stuff we use! It feels so amazing and makes the Move feel manageable. I even packed an entire box of stemware today! It was pretty surreal to pack and label a box when we have 5 1/2 more months before we move! But the more we do now, the less we do with an infant!

In the last week I’ve also begun to make some progress on crafting things for the baby. I’ve been wanting to knit a hat for Moon to wear home from the hospital. Lucky for me, I woke at 5am most morning while we were at my parents so one morning I knit this:

And then I realized we didn’t have any burp cloths for the baby, and after spending time with our very pukey nephew, I conceived the idea of sewing burp clothes. I’ve only just started and have a bit more fabric to work with but here’s what I’ve sewn so far:

In addition to the Extreme Nesting over the last few months we’ve also managed to get almost everything ready for when the baby arrives:

  • The room is set, the clothes, linens, etc. are washed and put away by size, and the changing table is stocked with all the baby necessities
  • Car seats are installed
  • The paper work to add Moon to my health insurance is as filled out as it can be
  • Moon’s bag is packed for the hospital, we have the list ready of things we need to pack for ourselves, and all legal documents are tucked in Moon’s bag (marriage certificate, name change paperwork, health care proxy, emergency temporary guardianship paperwork)
  • Toured the Birth Center at our hospital (loved it, and l-o-v-e-d the birthing tub)
  • Last name change is complete and all those that need to know have been notified
  • Project Legalize Everything is still underway – we have some second parent adoption paperwork left to finish, but our wills and powers of attorney are pretty much set

We are READY for the baby to arrive. I can’t think of anything else we need to do. Okay there is one thing, we need to attach the co-sleeper to our bed, but we have a plan to do that this week with the help of a friend. So Moon, anytime you want to arrive, after this Thursday (37 week mark), we’ll be waiting!