This pregnancy thing is hard. It only gets harder every day. Slowly I’ve become less useful around our house. It takes just about all I’ve got to make it to work each day. When I get home I am exhausted, physically and mentally. There is no way I could do this with out A.

I am the pregnant one, so I get all the glory. All the how are you feeling? And all the other special attention. What the world does not know is how much she does for us, and how that has been integral in growing our baby. She pretty much runs our house and never complains. She cooks most of our meals. This was mostly true pre preg but the deal then was that I did the dishes. Now there are times when she cooks and then insists I not clean up, because she can tell I am too tired. She has become the solo grocery shopper recently, saving me the pain of wandering aimlessly up and down the food aisles. She keeps up on laundry. She manages our “to do” lists. She takes care of the cats – this is no small job in our house. It entails the litter box, monitoring our sick boy’s digestive functions and giving him four medicines a day, and then the usual food and water. She calls all the places we need to call and does things like take our car in to be fixed when needed. I’m sure I am forgetting things…but you get the point, she’s doing it all. And she is exhausted too. And let’s not forget, she is both working and going to grad school full time! (And she just finished her thesis last week!) There are no words that could fully express my gratitude for how much she has taken on as I’ve become further and further along in this pregnancy. And she does it with such grace and never once has made me feel guilty for sitting with my feet up each and every night. I just want the internet to know how amazing she is and how well she takes care of me and our little Moonbeam.