We got clobbered with snow yesterday. It was so fun because we didn’t have to drive and we were home enjoying the day. It was beautiful. I wanted to go out and take pictures, but didn’t because the pathways have been so slippery lately and I didn’t want to fall (as I did earlier in the week).

But…this morning was a whole new day and I figured since many of the paths were cleared it would be fine to head out. I woke early and went outside to clean off our cars and to move them so our parking spaces would be plowed. I was so excited to get out that I grabbed the shovel and camera and realized just as I shut the door that I had locked my keys inside…oops! A was still asleep and I didn’t want to wake her, so I opted to shovel out the cars and take a few pictures before knocking on the door in hopes that she’d woken.

We had gotten about a foot of snow! I shoveled little tire paths so I could pull the Mazda out and used the shovel to remove the snow from the cars (snow scraper in the car, keys in the house…). Then I wandered around and shot a few pictures. No where near as many, nor in the places I wanted to be, due to the snow and my limited mobility, but I got some, and I enjoyed the crispness of the morning after a beautiful snowfall.

I made my way back to the house and knocked on the door, hoping that A would be awake to let me in. She was, and she was not impressed that I was out in the snow. But she knows me well enough to know I needed to do this. After collecting my keys I went back out to move the cars. The Mazda moved surprisingly well through the little paths I made. The Subaru stole the show though. No paths, just put it in reverse and pushed on the gas, and it sailed right out! This is the time of year I love our Subaru and I am so glad we’ll have it, should we need to get to the hospital in a snow storm! A tried to take pictures as “evidence” of me, eight months pregnant shoveling the cars out, against her wishes. But the batteries died…hehehe. Here are some pictures I got: