It’s not new information that everyone thinks it’s okay to comment on pregnant women’s bodies, moods, eating habits, etc. And for the most part it does not bother me. I really don’t even care when people rub my belly, but everyone that’s done it has asked, I think I’d be pissed if they didn’t.

Lately I’ve been getting the “you’re not that big” comments. You know what? I am okay with how big/small I am. I am big enough to be uncomfortable and I really don’t care to become huge, it’s hard enough to be as big as I am.

My co-workers are shocked that I am as happy go-lucky as I am. I believe what they said today was “you are a freak, pregnant women are supposed to be bitchy. What’s wrong with you?” We’ll I am one of the lucky ones, maybe? I’ve had maybe two or three incidents where I was either hormonal and cried, or so uncomfortable that I cried. But for the most part my emotions have remained in tact. Perhaps I am a freak, but do they really want me to be bitchy?

I’ll be happy to get my body back, and I will be happy when people stop thinking my body is open for public commentary.