A left our bed for the guest bed a bit ago primarily because:

  • I have pregnancy induced snoring
  • My pillow fortress and my body left her little room
  • ETA: I change positions a lot through out the night, causing lots of commotion

I know some people would get upset at this, but let’s be real here, at this point our bed is for sleeping. And the more room I have to adorn myself with pillows the better so I don’t take offense. We do get into our bed each night and chat and A feels the baby and then when we’re ready for sleep she leaves for the guest bed. It’s worked out just fine.

I do look forward to the day when we share a bed again, but I hope my hormones regulate quickly thus getting my body temperature back to somewhat normal. I currently sleep with no covers and sometimes take various articles of clothing off because I get so hot (and still have the a/c in the window…) and she sleeps all bundled up, flannel sheets, down comforter, and a fleece blanket! How will we ever manage these different needs? Formerly prego ladies, please tell me there is hope for regulating my body temperature!