I think my belly button has always been more sensitive than the average person’s. For a while I thought all belly buttons were sensitive. But I realized, after years of telling A not to touch any where near it, and her not understanding why, that this is not a normal thing. And that I have belly button issues. I don’t know why but it’s sensitive and just the mere thought of someone touching it freaks me out. So you can imagine I’ve been a little concerned about pregnancy and the potential that my belly button will pop out.

My belly is growing…it seems to grow overnight sometimes. I am at a point where the growth from day to day and week to week is noticeable – mostly in how my clothes (don’t) fit. Now, as my belly button has stretched to accommodate the growing, it too clearly shows how much my belly is growing. A used to ask, I wonder if your belly button will pop out? And I’d reply that I hoped not. Now she just looks at it, and we don’t talk about it. It’s going to pop.

There is no rational reason for why this is one of my greatest pregnancy fears. And I have no idea where my belly button sensitivity comes from. Maybe others do feel the same way?