For months I’ve been stalking one of my favorite musician’s webpage hoping I’d get to see her one last time before I have the baby. She’s local so we often have our pick of dates to see her. But she’s been on a West coast and European tour pretty much since I got pregnant. It’s been about six weeks since I last looked to see if she was playing before mid January, and I guess I gave up at about that time.

A did not give up. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve said to her, “I just want to see Chri.s Pure.ka one last time before the baby.” (And I don’t mean to imply that we’ll never go see live music after the baby, but I am sure it will take a little while and then we are moving out of the land of live folk music, so it’s just going to be harder.) A kept looking and eventually found that she had an upcoming show at our local music hall. She bought tickets and told me we were going out on Dec. 4th and that I was not to look around to try to find out what we were doing.

I love surprises so there was no way I would even think of snooping around the internet, as easy as it would have been to figure out what we were doing. Now, I had some clue that we may be going to hear live music because she had to tell me that I would need to get a co-worker to cover my on-call from 5-10pm, which fits into the time frame of when we go see shows at the Iron Horse, and while I hoped we were going to see Chris, I didn’t think it was a possibility since she has not played on the East coast in so long. I figured it was some other musician we really like and she wanted to have a nice night out with me.

I was so excited when I got home from work this afternoon and I finally let her tell me what we were doing (she started asking if she could tell me yesterday…but as I already stated, I love surprises and wanted to wait till the last minute to find out). I got my pre-birth wish. She was taking me to see Chris. She played all my favorite songs, seriously, I think it’s the best set she’s done, and we’ve seen her a lot! It was a perfect night. Moon’s been listening to her for a while now, and enjoyed the show too. Isn’t A the best?