Several weeks ago A sent me an email asking if I had to work or was on-call for the night of December 4th? I replied I was on-call and she she asked me to get a co-worker to cover me from 5-10pm, because we were going on a date (yes, things are that crazy that we set up dates over email, even though we live together!). That is all she would tell me. Since then “date night” has been written on our calender and I have no idea what we are doing tonight, though I imagine it may be our last date pre Moon! Yikes! I can’t wait till 5pm!

p.s. I slept from 10:30pm-6am last night – didn’t get up once (that may be a miracle for a pregnant woman). I feel like a new person! This seems to be the pattern. Two bad nights of sleep make me exhausted enough to get one good. Hey, at least I won’t fall asleep on our date tonight! 🙂