It happened a few weeks ago. As I grew more and more pregnant, and began to experience somewhat typical pregnancy discomfort side by side with the sheer excitement of the impending birth of our child, I realized, for the first time in this whole ttc/pregnant process, that I felt like a normal, average, typical, pregnant woman. And what an amazing feeling that was.

The ttc process was alienating at times; buying sperm was annoying, having to involve outside people was an invasion, knowing so much about my cycles and timing was crazy making. But now, after having a complication free pregnancy, I am feeling what it must be like for most women who go through this process. I don’t think of my body as fragile, I’m not on guard all the time. In fact, my body has gone so far as to prove to me that it can do this pregnancy thing. And it can do it quite well.

The stress of ttc is such a distant memory.  The routines I had, temping, poas, etc., faded quickly, and somewhere along the way, A and I became a typical, average, boring, expecting couple. And I am okay with that!