Nephew #1 just called. Here’s how the conversation went:

N: Hi auntie.

Me: Hi.

N: You want to come play at my house today?

Me: I do want to but I can’t.

N: You can’t?

Me: No.

N: How come? Don’t you want to come play?

Me: I do want to but I can’t. I have to work today (this is the only line he understands for why you wouldn’t be able to do something with him).

We chat about what he’s been doing: playgroup, visiting santa, sleep overs at Grammy and Grampy’s.

Me: Well it was nice to talk to you. See you at Christmas. I love you.

N: I love you. I love you. I love you…

He is so freaking cute. I can’t wait to be there all the time.