We have two cats. Mr. Lou is orange and Gwyneth Bean is black furred. I love them both, but I have a very special connection to Gwyneth Bean, mostly referred to as ‘Bean.’ I’ve never had an all black cat before her, and after having spent some 6+ years caring for her I am convinced that black cats are, 1. smarter, 2. more athletic, and 3. higher energy. Now, this next one may be only applicable to Bean, but I also think they are more cuddly and loving.

Bean and I have a strong connection. She talks to me. Not in any way that I fully understand, but if I speak to her she will often “talk back.” And when I am telling her “no” and she does not like it, she really talks back. She speaks with different tones to express different things. There’s the I am so glad you are home, pet me, love me, feed me tone, and the leave me the eff alone, I want to climb this door frame tone, and so on. She has slept with me almost every night since we brought her home. She claimed her spot on the bed then and she will fight for it now. There have been nights when she’s crossed the line into A’s space. A does not like her to snuggle with her at night, so she’ll try to push her back. This is one of those times Bean fights back with all her determination. And sometimes she wears A down enough and gets to snuggle in. Only sometimes.

Perhaps the cutest things Bean does comes at night just before we go up to bed. She spends her evenings hanging out with us on the first floor. Each night as I get ready to go up to bed, I say “Ready for bed, Bean?” and start walking towards the stairs. She jumps up and runs up with me. She then runs to our bed room, jumps on the bed, and rolls around on her back and yelps in what begins a nightly ritual of petting her. When my alarm goes off the next morning, she immediately gets up with a purr and walks up the length of my body. The other day she crawled in the curve of my belly (if it’s possible that I still have a curve…), while purring. This cat is so freaking adorable, that there are times I just can’t stand it. And she’s been so loving lately that I just had to write about it. I am not sure how she’ll deal with the new baby. But one thing is for sure, she won’t be giving up her spot on the bed.