It’s been a slow week over here at Two Moms. I haven’t really had much to say, and I’ve been tired, and we’ve been busy plowing through the 4th season of the L Word, which we did finish last night.

I’ve been on-call since Friday and while the weekend was quiet, things picked up once Monday rolled around. So far I’ve been called out the last two nights for mental health concerns for two different students. Last night’s call came at 2am and I didn’t get back to bed till 5am, so I am pretty low energy today and really hoping for a break tonight. It’s that time of the semester when students start to panic about the work they should have done, but have not. Some start to stress about the upcoming holidays and having to go home to bad family situations, or worse, not having a family to go home to. As someone who works at a college, I start to get excited because this time of year means several much needed breaks. Many students will leave over the weekend for Thanksgiving break and when they return there are only two weeks left of classes at which time they will leave for winter break…and I will be blessed with peace and quiet, a chance to catch up on all my work, and the time to make the final push to get everything organized so that when I do go out on maternity the person (still yet to be determined) will be able to pick up where I leave off.

In the name change department. A has done 99.9% of the work, as she tends to do around most things in our personal lives since my job occupies me more than any job every should. She recently asked me if it would be okay if she made me a “to do list” including pre-birth and names change things that I have to do (meaning she would do for me if she could, but they are things I personally have to do for one reason or another). Today, for the first time, I was able to cross several items off the list; I changed my name with our bank, had my Roth IRA name change notarized, and mailed both our Roth IRA name change paperwork. This was huge progress for me. We’re getting there…slowly but surely…and all thanks to A.

The update on my uncle is that his seizures let up a bit and he was moved from ICU to a regular room on Monday. More tests are run all the time. His doctors say it’s a miracle he is alive right now. They’ve only ever seen two people with this illness and both were dead with in days. He is a fighter. The down side is that we now know that if he does pull out and regain consciousness his cognitive capacity will not exceed a five year old.

Tonight I need to bake a pumpkin pie to take to our host family dinner tomorrow night. This is a gathering of all the families that host an international student on the campus we work at, and it’s our end of the semester dinner gathering. I really hope my pumpkin puree has defrosted enough to bake the pie. Friday night we are hosting a going away party for our good friends who are moving to Ohio next week. The reality of their move hit me today. I am so very sad. But the party should be fun. Saturday and Sunday we have our crash course in child birth. I am not really all that excited about it, but do see some merit in going. I think we’re supposed to go see our host student in a dance recital on Saturday night, but she has not emailed me the info yet, and honestly, I think I’ll be too tired to go…I am a bad bad bad host mother. At the end of this long, tiresome week we are finally going to get to meet The Parker Martin twins and their Moms aka, the babies conceived with the same donor as Moon! We’ve been chatting over email/blogs for a long time now and they are visiting the area we live so we are getting together for brunch (before CB classes) on Sunday. I can’t wait!

So there you have it, my week in a nutshell, and as the title says, a post about nothing in particular. Now I am off to bake a pie, I hope.