A and I made a plan to spend some amount of time each weekend going through our stuff and getting rid of things we don’t need in anticipation of our move. This weekend we’ve been particularly productive. So far here’s what we’ve accomplished:

  • Packed three more trash bags full of clothes ready for donations (add to the previous four we already donated).
  • Moved the dry cleaning bag from our closet to the front door – hey it’s a little closer to making it to the cleaners!
  • Did endless loads of laundry – including our shower curtain and canvas shopping bags (which we never wash).
  • Took out the recycling and compost.
  • I cleaned the bathrooms and A vacuumed.
  • I am in the process of cooking sugar pumpkins to puree for pumpkin pies (I’ll freeze the puree for baking later). I still have two huge hubbard squashes to do the same with but I can only manage so much today…
  • A is baking garlic and herb bread to have with our dinner tonight.

I feel so much better about our space each time we manage to clear stuff out, and can’t help but think it will help make the move easier. The list of things to go through is still pretty long and we are running out of free weekends before the baby arrives, but every bit helps.

We rewarded ourselves last night by ordering out pizza and renting the entire 4th season of the L Word…we’re slowly making progress on that. I am so sad that we have to go back to work tomorrow (it’s not a holiday for us), I could use another day to get a few more things done around here.