I have felt so great for so long that I am having a hard time adjusting to what I feel now. Overall, my body is just tired. I move slowly, my back hurts, my clothes don’t fit, I am tired exhausted all the freaking time, I can’t concentrate at work, I am useless by lunch time, and I think the hormones have arrived. I am pretty sure they are setting up camp. They’re here to taunt me for the remaining 80 something days.

I know it’s going to get worse, and I am thankful that it’s been easy so far. I am thankful that we are having a baby, and I am thankful that the baby is healthy. But I am getting tired. And I am so over being pregnant. And I want my body back. I want to move with ease. I thought I would love being pregnant. I thought I would write down all the little changes (in a journal – not via my blog). I thought I would want to look back and remember all the little milestones. What was I thinking?

I love feeling Moonbeam move. It’s the most amazing thing I have experienced. Ever. And it’s the only thing I will miss about being pregnant. I’ve figured out how to push on the baby in a way that gets it active and then we play little games. It’s truly amazing. And it will be amazing when the baby is OUT OF ME!

Hopefully this will pass as several other rough patches have passed. And hopefully those hormones are just visiting and haven’t move in.