We’ve begun the at-times-overwhelming task of beginning to clean out and downsize our lives. It’s true that you grow to fill the space you live in and we currently live in a two story, four bedroom apartment. It’s huge. Any place we move to will not be this big. So we’re trying to clean up and throw out / donate whatever we can now, before Moonbeam arrives as it will nearly impossible after.

We’ve committed to spending some amount of time every Sunday until the project is complete. Last weekend it started with sorting through clothing. We filled three bags to donate and A still has more clothing to sort through. This weekend we purged our storage closet and hauled many bags of trash to the dumpster (many of the items being things we’ve moved from place to place – new rule is if we haven’t used it since the last move then it goes).

We’ve got a handful of items and some furniture to post on Crai.gs Li.st and all our camping gear is pulled out and ready to be packed in the car for me to take to my parent’s house next weekend. Not only are we purging but we’re also trying to slowly move to my parents anything we know we won’t use between now and the move so as to make the move as easy as possible with a five month old. Camping gear is the first to go… We have a ways to go till we’ve cleared out and downsized but it feels really good to start the process and know that much of the work will be done before the big move.