We had a midwife appointment this morning. She did the usual check in and I’ve decided this particular midwife is not my favorite – I feel very rushed by her and I think she’s kind of flighty. She asked us lots of questions about our doula and it almost seemed like she was threatened by her. I think the thing that annoys me most about this midwife is that she seems to think that listening to the heartbeat is just a formality. And for her it may be, but it’s the best part of the appointment for us and we really enjoy the moments we hear it. The other MWs usually keep the doppler on for a little while or at least feed in to our excitement. Not this one – she gets it and almost immediately removes the doppler.

Overall everything looked good today. The MW confirmed that Moon has flipped and is head down. Let’s just hope the baby stays that way. I am up a total of 14 pounds and measuring right on target. The heartbeat was strong and Moon was all over the place because I drank the Glucose at the start of the appointment (that stuff is so gross, btw). My blood pressure was good. I had my blood drawn to check for GD, iron (failed last time), and a couple other things they do at this point. I really hope I pass the GD test. I can’t even think about giving up ice cream…

We’re moving to every other week appointments (except not really because the soonest they could schedule me was three weeks from today). Our next appointment is with My Midwife which makes me really happy. After the appointment we attempted to do our name change paperwork at the Social Security Office but the line was way too long. We decided we’ll just mail everything in instead.

I am off most of the day today but have to go in tonight and then work till 2am. It’s the worst night of my job – a huge campus party. I am not looking forward to it, but I will get through it. I am looking forward to buying a crib mattress tomorrow after which we will finally get Moon’s room put together, for real.