Today marks 27 weeks and the start of the third trimester according the website I’ve been going by. Where has the time gone? We’re busy getting things checked off the to do list and I am starting to push myself to become a little more prepared for childbirth (aka read all the books I’ve been ignoring). I’ve found meeting with our doula helps to center me and guide me as I start the real work of empowering myself for childbirth through education . We’ve also continued other, more fun, getting ready for birth activities, like assembling the crib we’re borrowed from A’s co-worker. We decided to wait until after our move to buy one since she offered to lend us hers and this way we’ll have one less thing to move. I am slowing down and run out of energy much quicker than before. But over all I feel great and am sleeping well. I treasure these moments as I know, things will get harder as the weeks pass, for now I can deal with tired. And now, here is my 27 week belly shot:

p.s. Glucose test is tomorrow…wish me luck!