We had friends over for dinner last night. One of the couples hadn’t been over for a very long time and had not seen our piano. Their comment on it led A. into how we are going to have to get rid of it when we move. They didn’t know we are planning to move out of the area…so the conversation began. For the first time we were the ones being interrogated about our decision to leave this area. And they used all the same arguments we’ve used on all our friends who’ve exited before us.

It was the strangest feeling to be on the other side of the conversation and to be defending our decision to move. Their arguments were sincere and yet somewhat hollow – they know they won’t stay forever and they know it’s our time to leave. In fact last we got together they were the ones possibly planning a move in summer ’08 but now they are both in new jobs that will keep them here at least two more years. So they hoped we’d be around until they left. It’s just a weird feeling, after having spent so much energy lobbying friends not to move, to now be those people. Oh well.

Later in the night we were discussing music and realized one of mine and A.’s favorite musicians is coming to play in our area in late February. It was the first time I uttered the words “we’ll need a babysitter.” And everyone jumped on the chance to be the babysitter! But in the end, the two guys cared less about seeing the musician than us women so they said they’d babysit and A. and I would go out with their partners. Wow. We have plans for after the baby is born. And babysitters soon will dictate what we can and can’t do. And our friends are all so excited to babysit…their true excitement made me so happy. Who knows if we’ll really make it to the show a month after I give birth, but if it’s possible, I will so be there!