I got up early and made it to my doctor’s walk in hours. I still managed to wait almost an hour to see him, but I am just always so thankful that they take walk ins from 8-8:15am (the first doctor’s office I had here made me wait three days once, with a tension headache, before I could get an appointment. Thus I switched to this practice solely for the walk in hours). He said it didn’t look like any classic pregnancy rashes so it’s probably one of the random pregnancy rashes. Great. I am using cortisone 1% for the next couple of days and then if that does not help I’ll fill the prescription he gave me for a slightly stronger cortisone. If that does not work he wants to see me again. I may also consult my midwife before going back to him. I don’t want to keep paying co-pays if I don’t have to.

The rash is no better now than it was last night, but the cortisone helps soothe the itch. I am not supposed to apply it more than three times a day, and I’ve already hit that, so here’s hoping I can make it till tomorrow morning. If not, I’ll be putting more on. This seriously sucks.

Tomorrow I go off call after having been on for a week and we are heading out of town for the long weekend. My sister in law’s father is visiting from Germany and we’ve never met him! He’s been here two or three times since she’s been with my brother, but we’ve never been able to meet him due to work conflicts (bro and sil’s wedding was small, A. and I were the only family there). I am pretty excited to meet him after hearing so many stories about him and to finally put a face to my nephew’s Opa (German for grandfather).

He visited this summer and Nephew had not seen him since he was six months old (doesn’t really count) but they video chat over the computer quite a bit. I was told that when Nephew saw Opa in person, he went up to him, rubbed his face, and exclaimed, “Opa has a face.” He loves his Opa. We’re also going to meet up with Adrienne this weekend. I can’t wait to get away. This is our last get away, for real this time. A. won’t have any more weekends off from school (save Thanksgiving and Christmas) till the second weekend in January. And um, we’ll be having a baby then…

p.s. I am 24 weeks today, which means I need to do my biweekly belly shot, but A. is in school Thursday nights, so my belly shots will be delayed…but 24 weeks sounds big and we are moving right along with the viability factor. Crazy.