Or I have a bad rash. Silly me thought it was a burn. I noticed it shortly after dosing a grill with water to put out hot coals. I was wearing a tee-shirt (because apparently Mother Nature didn’t get the memo that it’s fall not summer) and a whole bunch of smoke back fired at me “burning” my arms where my elbow bends are. For the last five days I’ve been putting lotion on the area and it’s just been getting itchier and itchier and more red. Tonight I felt the same itch behind my knees. When I looked, the skin was the same as my arms and feels just as rough. This is when I realized what I thought was a burn is really a rash…and it’s spreading. And it’s itchy! Dr. Google has me a little freaked out about pregnancy and rashes so I will be paying a visit to my PCP during walk in hours tomorrow, and hopefully getting some relief!