A. and I worked very hard over the last three years to get out of debt and onto some kind of saving track. The getting out of debt proved to be the easy part. The saving, not so much because as soon as we paid off our debt we started ttc, and shelling out thousands upon thousands for sperm and other ttc related expenses. When I became pregnant I joked our down payment for a house was growing in my uterus. We are on a serious savings plan now that we don’t need to buy sperm, and in anticipation of becoming a one income home come February when A. has to quit her job to complete her practicum hours in order to graduate with her masters degree in the spring.

My dad is a financial planner. He’s helped us over the years mostly around getting our retirement savings set up. Now he’s guiding us in the ways of things you have to do when you have kids: wills, power of attorney, health care proxy, guardianship, etc. Most recently he offered to do a financial plan for us that is all encompassing and will help to set realistic goals taking into account all the factors at play. He’s pretty excited about working through all the intricacies of doing such a plan for a legally married same sex couple.

In order to start this he needed us to get our FICO score and credit reports. We obtain our credit reports annually from the big three, but we’ve never needed our FICO before. This morning we both logged in and obtained our scores – which were exactly the same, and in the best possible range! I wasn’t really concerned and knew we’d get at least a “good” rating, but it was quite gratifying to know that all our hard work has paid off (ha ha) and we are “very good” which makes us eligible for the lowest possible interest rates.

Oh the things that excite you as you start to get older!