Today’s prenatal visit in review:

Moon’s heart was beating away this morning.

I’ve gained nine pounds so far- finally I am starting to gain (I never really thought this would make me excited).

I found out I can have a water birth! I knew there was a tub to labor in, but I was unclear if I could stay there through the birth should I want to. The midwife today confirmed that I can. This makes me so very happy. I’ve wanted a water birth pretty much since I knew they existed, but when we signed on with the midwifery practice we use (three years ago) the hospital they deliver at did not have tubs. However, it was more important to me to have a midwife I really loved than a water birth. So I guess there’s the silver lining of our long journey- now a water birth is an option.

We’ve been given the assignment over the next two months of picking a pediatrician.

We also got the name of the birth certificate clerk at our hospital so we can start the process to get A.’s name on the bc from birth.

And, I think I’ve accepted the fact that despite the fact that I loath the flu shot, I will be getting it this year.

Glucose test is next month.