A. and I returned home yesterday after our relaxing get away. It was so nice to get away together and have time to ourselves. We spent a good deal of time both on our way out of town and on our journey home taking back roads to enjoy the foliage and the mountains. The leaves have hardly begun to turn at home, so the vibrant colors up north were a nice surprise, though they are still a couple weeks from peak. We stopped at an outlet on the way to our destination and gave ourselves permission to splurge on some baby items. So fun!

We were both excited to arrive at the Inn and were tired from our day of shopping and traveling. Not long after checking in I went down stairs to get a glass of water, when to my shock and surprise, I saw one of my supervisees checking in with her partner! I was paralyzed with the thought of my two worlds colliding and also a bit sad that my work world had permeated our get away weekend. They were only there for that one night, which was great for us because I felt much more at ease when they’d left and the feelings of my work world following me left with them.

A. and I achieved our goal of extreme relaxing (we really could teach courses in relaxing) – we spent hours at a cafe knitting and reading, then returned to the inn to knit/read in front of the fire before we went out to dinner. All in all we had a wonderful weekend, relaxed a lot, enjoyed scenic drives, watched the sun set, and spent lots of time talking about the impending arrival on Moon. Moon, by the way has been kicking up a storm! Yesterday after we got home we were lying down and it started. A. was feeling my belly and at one point she lifted her hand and could see a kick as the baby kicked so hard my belly moved up!

I was jolted back to work this morning with my first commitment at 7:30! It was a far cry from the relaxing long weekend we’d had, but all good things must come to an end! However, I was a bit annoyed when my supervisor called me after receiving an email from me to inform me she did not think I was coming back to work till tomorrow! Oh how I wish I’d known that, we sooooo would have stayed away one more night!

p.s. there are a few pictures from our trip on Flickr.