A. and I met with the doula last night. We both really liked her calmness, which was really important to us. I told her I want to try med free but am not closed to drugs and I ultimately need someone who will support that, she was on board. She shared her two very different birth experiences her first was very medical and the second was au naturale this information made us feel confident in that she’s been through both types and thus has a balanced view. She said all the right things and we both felt she’d be a good fit for us. So now we just have to tell her we’d like to work with her.

We’ll meet with her once a month till birth for ongoing conversations and to get to know each other. I am really excited to have the pre meetings as I think she has a lot of valuable information to share. We talked with her about how we really want our midwife at the birth but know we have no control – it’s up to the on-call schedule and when Moon decides to come. Now I feel confident that I can start to picture the birth with our doula there. It’s nice to at least know that much. I am still hopefully our MW will be on-call.