I have a very hard time staying motivated at work on Friday afternoons. I am almost always so spent from the week that I can’t force myself to be productive. Today I wavered between wanting to give into the urge to mess around for the last few hours and realizing my upcoming week is so busy that I’d damn well better just get to work. In the end I was responsible and put my nose to the grind stone (a first for a Friday afternoon).

I sorted through all the unfinished projects left on my desk from this week and quickly made a plan. I saved the biggest project for last. For the last three years I have coordinated a rather large departmental wide task. This is a project that happens on a small scale during fall semester and again on a much larger scale during the spring semester. It was decided back in August that I would work with one other coworker on the fall project so as to train her how to do it and she would take over all coordination for the spring project since I’ll be on maternity leave, and really I was very tired of this project and ready to pass it off in exchange for a different project had I not been going on maternity.

We’ve begun working together and divvying up tasks. It’s become very clear that my ‘organization’ over the last three years only made sense to me. It’s such a hectic project that my files end up all messy and by the time it’s completed I am so sick of it that I file everything away until the next semester because I couldn’t stand to think about it for one more minute let alone organize it! So I spent a good part of the afternoon organizing my files, writing notes and instructions on how and when to do things, updating forms, and then it hit me…I’d begun to prepare to turn my work over to other people in anticipation of my maternity leave. I’m not just passing this project off, I am documenting in order to ensure a smooth transition while I am on leave. And it felt so weird. It does feel early to already be making these preparations (not that I have a choice we’re on a schedule for this semester), but I only have four more months of work. Wow. FOUR months. That makes my heart smile.