BABY! We are having a healthy baby! Moon has ten fingers and ten toes, a healthy heart, and all other things that point towards a healthy baby. Moon was moving around a lot (must have been the orange juice I drank). It was totally amazing to see the baby, but by the end I was ready for it end as all the pushing and being on my back started to hurt a lot. We have a bunch of really great photos but I need to figure out how to scan them. If I can do it I’ll post some.

We are so thrilled with the decision not to find out the sex. We have no regrets and I am so excited to find out after what will surely be the most physically demanding experience of my life.

After the ultra sound we treated ourselves to a shopping spree and dinner out. Sadly we have to attend A.’s aunts funeral this weekend and I don’t really have dressy maternity clothes. So we headed to the mall (we hate the mall). We had a game plan and all worked out. I found an outfit plus got fitted for new bras. I was shocked to learn I’ve grown two cup sizes since pre pregnancy! I knew my bras did not fit right, but geesh! Now I have the right size and it’s the most amazing thing. A. also found some clothes and we each got a new bag. So much fun! We never shop or rarely go out to dinner! Thanks to Moon we were in the town where the mall is and felt the urge to celebrate!