When did our weekends turn into home improvement central?

Here’s what we did this weekend:

  1. A. painted the baby’s room – we weren’t going to because we are 99% sure we’ll move out of here when the baby is about five months old so we had decided to forgo the whole baby room to save some money since Moon will be sleeping in our room for most if not all of those five months. But then I had an extra gallon of paint left over from when A. painted my office, and we decided yesterday morning that we couldn’t look at the white walls anymore, so she had at it.
  2. I rummaged through my sewing scraps and managed to quilt a window curtain for Moon’s room. It’s pretty cool that I had just enough scraps to pull together exactly what I wanted and in the colors I wanted! It matches the walls perfectly.
  3. We made a trip to Target and purchased a bookshelf, lamp, and rug.
  4. We swore a lot while assembling the bookshelf.
  5. A. cleaned the house.
  6. We started in on preserving more farm veggies – this week’s pick up was huge!

Moon’s been kicking me most of the afternoon and I love it. Now off to finish preserving.


We also…

  • Did tons of laundry
  • Filled out our name change paperwork