I don’t think I’ll ever tire of hearing Moon’s heartbeat at our prenatal appointments.

Today our MW poked me and then told us where to feel for the head, then the legs…and then Moon started moving around and running from us. When the doppler went on, Moon’s heartrate was the lowest it’s been – 120bpm. For the first time Moon kept moving away from the doppler and as it did, the heartrate increased. What an amazing thing. We activated (err, rather agitated) our baby so that we got to hear the heart beat at a resting state and then move to an active state.

Our midwife said everything is right on track. The baby is sitting just below my belly button, which makes the growth right on target. I’ve gained some weight and my MW was happy about that. It’s hard to say how much because at my first prenatal visit I was two pounds more than at my second, today I was two pounds above the first visit. So I’ve either gained two or four pounds. I think she was just glad I’ve gained. I feel like I’ve gained ten.

We talked a little more about childbirth classes. And I learned that A. has been researching and may have a plan in place that will fit our ridiculously complicated schedules. I had no idea … because I’ve been working crazy long days and she planned to tell me this weekend. I am just glad there may be a way for us to make it to some classes. It’s pretty hard when two to three week nights and weekends are unavailable – from now till the first week of January. Um yeah.

A. has not only been trying to figure out our childbirth classes, she’s also been taking care of my life. She’s booked a get-a-way weekend for us in a few weeks. This is our rescheduled trip that we canceled over my birthday weekend due to morning sickness. She also scheduled a prenatal massage for me for tomorrow (thinking about it was the only thing that got me through today). And I know she’s been doing other things that I don’t know about to make me life as easy as it possibly can be right now. Oh…how could I forget, she’s also been busy trying to orchestrate our much talked about move to live near family…as I looked out at the hills tonight, it occurred to me that this may be our last fall in the Valley. I want to live near family, I really do, but I am not sure I was ready to start thinking about ‘lasts.’ Especially as we enter my favorite season here.

Soon, I will return to being a human, capable of making my own phone calls and appointments…very soon as in maybe by midweek next week. But for now, it’s Friday night, and I have two days off. And I plan to relax and enjoy some much needed time with the best wife in the universe.