Or to be more accurate, catching my breath!

The last week has been a whirl wind! A. and I worked a half day last Friday to get a jump start on the Cape traffic. Thankfully we were successful. Our host student did not end up coming with us. We were sad but also relieved since this was turning into a family weekend and it just would have been hard to have her there. Saturday we enjoyed a peaceful day on the beach and headed back to the house in time to shower and get dressed for our baby shower.

The shower was so much fun. I felt like a kid at Christmas opening all those gifts, but even more special was how excited everyone was to come together to celebrate the baby we are having. People are truly excited and want the very best for us. We were amazed that several family members drove long distances through summer Cape traffic just to celebrate. Here are some pictures (Flickr friends can see identifiable pictures):

We spent the next day on the beach as well. All day. It was amazing. The time finally came when we had to pack up and leave the beach. We showered and hung out at my parents house for a late dinner. You see, our strategy was to leave late to avoid the traffic. The only problem was, about 6 zillion other people had the same idea. We made it over the bridge with out a problem, thanks to my native Cape navigation skills which make it possible for us to avoid the highway. But once we got over the bridge and onto the highway we were dead stopped. I am talking 5 to 10 mph for two and a half hours before I started to loose it. By then we’d been traveling for three hours, it was 10:30pm, and I was tired, cranky, and pregnant. Oh and I needed a bathroom.

We pulled off to assess our options and use a bathroom. Not far in the distance was a hotel and I was seriously starting to consider forking over the money for a bed. Only problem, we travel with cats…our boy needs meds everyday and it’s (usually) easier to take them with us than to get someone to come in everyday and hope he will cooperate. So now we need a hotel that permits pets. Great. The only hotel chain I knew of that would allow our cats to stay with us is Red R@@f Inns. We got back on the road looking for such a hotel.

I nearly cried when I saw a somewhat familiar red sign…we pulled off and got a room for the night. A. claims it was the worst hotel she’s ever stayed in -to give you an idea- it took them FOUR tries before checking us into a room that was ready for guests (the first three had dirty towels on the floors and the beds were not made up). Once in our “clean” room we noticed the window was cracked and then tapped over. But it had a bed. That was all I wanted!

We both slept horribly. But we were horizontal, and not driving. We got up early in order to continue the last two hours home in time to shower and make it to work. Of course we were exhausted. And A. may have even called in sick for two days (she’d gotten Harry Potter over the weekend) but she did spend one of the two days painting my office – which has made more difference than I ever knew it could!

The week has continued to be crazy. I am prepping for my busiest time of the year. Today began the long days – I put in 10 hours today and the next two weeks will be at least 12 hours days. I have this weekend off and while I really just want to SLEEP and lay in my bed and recover and prepare my body for the next couple weeks, I also really want to meet my new nephew. So I think I will wake early tomorrow and do a 24 hour visit so as to come home early Sunday – avoid traffic and sort of get a day at home.

I’ll be MIA in blog land for a while. After labor day, I’ll return, and a new academic year will open. God I hope I am ready!