A. and I had planned to swing by our friend H.’s house last night to pick up our kayaks. We store them in her barn, but since she’s moving, we needed to get them. While there we were going to get first pick on everything she’s selling in a yard sale today. She’s decided to unload all her possession for this move.

Earlier in the day a large item from our baby registry was delivered to my office.

People are buying things off our registry. We don’t know who these people are…but seeing online that items had been bought and then hauling a huge item home helped to make this whole thing real. I walked in last night and plopped the huge box in the dinning area. Holy cow. People are sending us stuff. We’re going to have stuff for a baby. The baby is going to be ours. I’m having the baby. We’re going to have a baby, that’s our, and has a lot of stuff!!!!!!!!!!! I am not ready for stuff to take over my house! I am only 15 weeks pregnant. Why are people already buying stuff?

Not long after I got home, we went to H.’s to get our kayaks. She wanted so badly for us to take some stuff off her hands, but I just could not fathom taking any more stuff into our house. I was too overwhelmed.  And hot. We left with our kayaks and a bookshelf we’d given her four years ago. And A. managed to make out with a zillion children’s books – I was thinking for her eventual classroom, she was thinking for the baby.

Tell me it will be okay and baby stuff will not take over our lives and house, please?