More to come over the weekend. At this time I am exhausted from work. The effing heat wave is not helping. I can’t wait to relax this weekend.

But…………I just wanted to share that we had our third (third!) prenatal appointment today. Moon’s heart beat was 160bpm again. We met the one midwife that we had not met. We liked her very much and she had some really great recommendations for childbirth classes – and I was shocked to learn there is someone in our area that teaches the Birthing From Within method. Nearly every mother I know has recommened this book and my own cousin was kind enough to give me a copy, and I love it. We also learned that the only midwife we don’t like is leaving the practice. How lovely! The midwife also scheduled our ultra sound for Sept 12, I’ll be 21 weeks…which is on the later side for this one, but the perinatologist is on vacation so her schedule is a little backed up.

So more tomorrow. Or Sunday. I have so much going on in my head, but I am too hot and tired to think.