I was tagged by We Are Fambly & It’s Taking a Village, does that mean I have to tell you 16 things about me?

1. At this point in my life I can not eat enough peppermint stick ice cream.

2. As A. puts it, I “require no less than 30,000 things in my salad in order to eat it.” This includes: spring mix lettuce, tomatoes, bell peppers, black beans, chic peas, raisins, croûtons, sunflower seeds, cottage cheese, and balsamic dressing.

3. Even before getting pregnant, I enjoyed sleeping with lots of pillows, which I set up all around me and lovingly referred to as my “fortress” and must have my cat at the foot of the bed. Now that I’m pregnant, I have a valid reason for my pillows to take up most of the bed. 🙂

4. I love love love going to the beach, but I don’t go to tan. I wear spf 30, a huge straw sun hat, and sit under an umbrella.

5. I can spend hours (days?) on end playing around with my MacBook. A. says “I think it’s actually an appendage of your body by now.”

6. I’ve already begun to wonder how I will have computer time after the baby arrives.

7. This time of year fruit flies invade us. I HATE fruit flies. I am militant about keeping the kitchen spotless, we wash our dishes as soon as we’re done. And I have a little fruit fly catcher thing. You may or may not be aware that fruit flies are attracted to yellow. My catcher is a yellow sticky paper thing and I am able to catch them on it. It’s a science. Sometimes I feel like Mr. Miyagi.

8. I talk to my cats. A lot. (And they talk back.)

9. I was born on my due date at 3:21 in the afternoon.

10. I rescue plants. When we met one of the first things A. noticed at my apartment were plants rooting in sauce jars. At this time we have about 25 plants in our house and we are planting sitting this summer for a friend, so that’s another 10 or so. There’s this one plant in particular that I “saved” from out side of a dorm. A. could not believe I brought it into our home. Two years later, it is thriving and we both love it.

11. The summer I graduated from college I spent two weeks canoing down a river in Florida. We camped along the banks, and went with out showers. All our food was packed in dry bags as was our one change of clothing. It was one of the worst experiences in my life and I lost about 10 pounds and was severly dehydrated. But I am so glad I did it and survived.

12. I hate showering. But I still do it daily. I just think it’s a waste of time.

13. I don’t really watch t.v. and am not really up on pop culture, but I read trashy magazines (my office subscribes). It appalls A.

14. I once packed a Hoodsie (ice cream) in my over night bag (cut me some slack, I was like 4 at the time).

15. When I was two years old I burnt my entire left leg when I accidentally stepped into hot coals buried in the beach sand.

16. Lately I’ve been having psychic dreams and awake thoughts. This is not the first time this has happened but it’s occurring more often then ever before.

Since I was soooo slow in responding to this MeMe, I am pretty sure everyone has been tagged, but if you have not been tagged, then consider yourself it!