A. and I have long debated what type of diapers we’d use when we have children. We are by no means fanatic environmentalists, but we do recycle, compost, purchase many Earth friendly products, and are generally aware and try to treat our Mother Earth with respect.

Now that we’re pregnant, this discussion has become a reality- much like the last name dilemma- it’s time to deal. A. called our local diaper service and the service seems reasonable enough -although I can not remember the cost right now. They drop off 70 clean diapers and take away the dirty diapers each week. Since I am not too excited about washing diapers in our already freaky washing machine, this option appeals most to me, if we’re going the cloth route.

Yesterday I was doing some research and came across g diapers. These are part flush-able, part cloth. So I thought, well maybe this would be a good compromise. After watching this video (scroll down and click on see the video) I was sure this was not going to work for us. First off, who has that much time to get rid of a diaper when they are watching after a child? I know from experience with my two year old nephew, that sometimes I can’t even get the diaper to the trash because he is moving so much! All I could picture was me at home with our baby, and a huge pile of so called flush-able diapers sitting around! ewww! Plus, they look pretty expensive, though I can not get an actual cost. And let’s face it, finances do play into this…

And then of course there’s the old standby, throw away, terrible for the Earth, diapers. And I think, well if it’s good enough for everyone else, then why not us? What do you do with dirty cloth diapers when you’re traveling (and we do a lot of traveling to family)? And what about day care? Will they permit cloth diapers? When I compared the price of the diaper service and disposable diapers, it was the same at first and the as the child grows into bigger sizes, the service becomes more expensive.

So all you cloth diapering mamas – how did you come to your decision? And what do you use?

And all you disposable diapering mamas – how about you? What swayed your choice?