Being a grown up is hard sometimes.

Yesterday my very good friend who lives near by told me she may move out of town. Two plus hours out of town. The reasons are complicated and the decision is hard. This is not just any friend, this is my best friend. Someone I’ve known since I was in first grade. We made plans to have dinner last night to talk about it and weigh out the pros and cons, but she ended up sick from thinking about it and couldn’t come. Today we had lunch. Of course what I wanted to say was “No. You can’t go. You have to stay, I love having you here.” But I said none of that. I just asked questions. Tried to help her process the reasons to go and the reasons to stay. I am 99.9% sure she’ll go based on what she said today. But she’ll make a final decision by Monday of next week.

It’s so hard to put your own desires aside and objectively help a friend make a decision that makes you sad (only sad in that she’d be gone, not that she’d be doing anything wrong). I left lunch knowing it will likely be the last lunch break we’ll share. If she goes it will all happen within the next two to three weeks. I know two hours isn’t that far, but it feel like forever after living so close and I can’t help but think having this baby won’t help us travel.