I woke this morning to a beautiful day. The sun was out, the sky was blue, and it was not too hot. I really wanted to get out of the house..go somewhere…do something – enjoy time with my wife, just the two of us. The reality that our days as “two” are numbered has begun to set in. I have not wanted to get out and do things since before I was pregnant, or should I say I just didn’t have the energy/health. A. nearly fell off her chair when I told her I wanted to go somewhere.

I did a little internet search on what we could do. We talked about heading out to the Berkshires. There is a neat train ride from Lenox to Stockbridge that looked like fun. And A. has always wanted to go to the Norman Rockwell Museum. But we decided museums are for rainy days and the train ride would be so much better with the fall foliage. So we looked to the North and decided on Brattleboro, VT. It’s about a 45 minute drive. Once there, we poked around in our favorite antique shop and f.e.l.l. in l.o.v.e with and antique mahogany dresser. I am so proud of us that we left it there! No impulse shopping today! But I will never forget that dresser and… well maybe when we have the money we’ll see if it’s still there.

It does not take long to walk downtown Brattleboro and by the time we’d done it I was thirsty and t.i.r.e.d. We walked back to the car and grabbed the snacks and drinks I packed and our blanket. We sat out on some grass and watched the clouds roll by as we debated whether or not to find out the sex. I am sure there will be a long post about this soon, but for now let’s just say while I am pulled to find out, I liken it to peaking at your Christmas presents early. I do NOT peak – I even hate when I find out by accident.

After all this I was beat. I handed the keys to A. and told her I needed to go. But, we had to stop at a few stores on the way home – while I did go grocery shopping yesterday, we still had no meals – just the basic stock up stuff. I went into the first store and was d.r.a.g.g.i.n.g by the end. So A. left me in the car while she ran into the other two stores. I am now comfortably sitting with my feet up and my dear, dear, amazing, wonderful wife is not only preparing dinner, but also cooking meatballs for me to have for lunch through out the week, and I think I just heard her throw a load of laundry in the washer! No you can’t have her! She’s mine!

It was nice to get out, but I guess I am still not up to my pre-pregnancy energy level – not even close.