From time to time in the past I’d indulge in a little retail therapy when I’d get depressed after failed cycles. Well today I had to kill some time while waiting for our car to have an oil change and state inspection…I meandered into an Old Navy store. I could have looked at maternity clothes. I certainly was not going to look at regular clothes, but I was drawn to the baby clothes and then I realized now is the time to score on end of the season clearance sales in the sizes we’ll need next summer, so I picked out a few 3-6 and 6-12 months outfits. Then I headed to Target to get prenatal vitamins and also hit their baby section where I found the most adorable denim overall shorts.  Below is a picture of our loot.  Today’s shopping was not done in sadness like all previous trips, but rather in excitement that we’ve made it to the second trimester  (yes I know some say you’re not there till 14 weeks but Fertility Friend tells me I am there now, and I am impatient, so I consider myself there).