Last night I had a dream that I delivered a baby girl. This was the first dream since the morning had a +hpt after waking from a dream where I’d just gotten a +hpt. Now, this could be because we want a girl, or maybe it’s another psychic dream. It’s also pretty coincidental that just yesterday I told my cousin that I hadn’t had any pregnant dreams yet. When I spoke with A. today she said that one of our friends told her she recently had a dream that we had a girl…so who knows?!

We’ve gone back and fourth about finding out the sex at our ultra sound. I’ve gotten a lot of pressure to find out from my family, which kind of makes me not want to find out. I always said I wouldn’t find out and now that I can it’s so hard to wait. We’ve got it in our heads that we’re having a girl, so now the pull to find out is to prepare our selves if it’s a boy. Don’t get me wrong, all we REALLY want is a happy healthy baby. We have six weeks to decide and then the big question is, if we find out will we tell anyone? Can we keep the secret? I’ve seen the pink and blue explosions at baby showers and I really don’t want anything to do with that. But how can you avoid it when people know?

Decisions, decisions.