Our two year old nephew is visiting and he loves farms. Today we took him to a farm and got to see: goats, donkey, sheep, chickens, roosters, and cows. After dinner he asked to go back to the farm, so instead we went to a dairy farm where there are tons of cows amid an ice cream stand. We got our ice cream and began to meander over to the cows. There was a large gathering of people so it took a while to realize a mama cow was giving birth to a calf! My stomach turned when I saw the feet coming out! Perhaps it was the combo of watching that while eating ice cream? I do have a weak stomach. At any rate it was pretty cool, even if I couldn’t watch for too long. And our nephew, well he thought he was in heaven with all the “moo cows.”

P.S. I am 11 weeks today – time sure is flying! We go for our second prenatal appointment tomorrow and are hoping to hear moon beam’s heart beat! And we’re hoping to only hear one heart beat – my belly is already starting to protrude and that makes me a little worried…today my SIL comment, “you look pregnant.” Well, that’s good ’cause I am. I’m sure I’ll update tomorrow some time after the appointment.