I am a bit behind the times, and only recently started using bloglines (hyper linked for those of you like me who did not get it).  I’ve since developed a love hate relationship with it. I love that I can log on and see who’s posted with out going to my blog and clicking on all my links to see who’s updated. When I subscribed to my frequently read blogs I didn’t imagine I would begin to exclusively read through bloglines. But that is what has, for the most part happened. This of course means, less commenting (unless I actually click out of bloglines into the blog) and not keeping up with reading the comments other make, which I usually enjoy reading. I feel like I’ve entered the fast food of blogging and I don’t like it. I feel disconnected from the blogs I love and I’ve seen my own writing decrease.

I’ve also clued into another feature of bloglines, each time a person edits their post, bloglines thinks it’s a new post and alerts the reader as such.  And now I feel really dumb if anyone reads me through bloglines, because I am the QUEEN of edit. In fact, I post and then edit, and then edit, and edit. For me there is something about seeing it in the final form that helps me find typos that I just can’t see while composing.

I know, these are really big problems I have.