I know summer is here because I’ve transitioned into my summer schedule. Wake up, eat, run a brush though my hair, lather on sunblock and get into beach gear, pack the cooler, go to the beach, sit for hours on end doing nothing but watch the water, come home, shower, relax. Don’t worry, I know how lucky I am.

My trip to my parents was supposed to be a few days to visit family, but then father’s day was approaching so I decided to stay, and then perfect beach weather was rolling in so I decided to stay longer. And A. is in class 5 out of 7 nights. I am going home Thursday until some time next week when I will head back here to the Cape for most of July.

Here are some shots from the beach today. I got there while the tide was still out and enjoyed watching it make its way in. If you look to the jetties (rocks) you will see the water level increase. I am starting to think my fondness for the beach is really an obsession. I am my most peaceful sitting there and I never got bored of it.