That stands for birthday and anniversary, but I must give credit to my friend H. who coined the term! My birthday had ups and downs. A. and I enjoyed the morning. She showered me with gifts. I was so surprised to receive some photographs I’d taken last winter that she’d had framed, as well am excited for our double pedicures today. She also gave me the National Geographic video, In The Womb. We’d watched it once a long time ago – as in the cycle before we started trying! It was really cool to watch it now that I’ve got something in my womb! I think the most meaningful gift she gave me was when she came home on Saturday with fresh off the highway plucked lupines (see picture to the left). They are my favorite flower and I was really sad that I was not going to see them since I couldn’t go to Maine and they don’t grow here. Our morning continued when we went out for bagels…I know such an exciting birthday breakfast, but that’s what my tummy wanted. I made a big mistake at lunch time…I ate an apple with my very safe pb&j sandwich, which made me sick. How does an apple make one soooo sick. We had plans to go out to eat dinner with some friends and I really should have canceled but I am stubborn and went. It was fun to see people and get out of the house, but I had to come home as soon as dinner was over because, yes, I was sick. What I’ve learned is that I feel great in the morning and as the day goes on, I tend to get sicker and sicker. At least now I know to plan things for the mornings and leave my afternoon and evening open. Tomorrow is our three year wedding anniversary, that’s where the birthaversary comes in. A. is home from work today and I am going to try to head to the Cape tomorrow to see cousins visiting from Alaska, so we decided to celebrate today. A had this card (see last paragraph of the post) framed for us. It’s our first baby room decoration! Oh and our friend, H. had an article about our wedding framed for us too! (This was the year of framed things). A newspaper ran a story on us when we got married, complete with color photos. It looks so great framed!