A and I had our first prenatal appointment this morning. We were so excited to see our MW after all this time and it was odd not to be lugging a heavy tank with tiny vials in it. We woke early and since we wanted to avoid the effing bridge traffic (I’ve heard reports of it taking upwards of an hour to cross the bridge with the road widening construction) we decided to head into Northampton to have breakfast at one of our favorite spots. It was yummy!

Our MW greeted us with hugs and congratulations. We chatted for a bit about how I’ve been feeling and we asked a few questions and she went over my health and family history that I’d previously provided. Then we talked about some logistics: blood work needed, the next appointment, etc. We had hoped to try to hear the heart, but she said it’s too early, and that at next month’s appointment we’ll hear it. She gave me an EDD of January 24, 2008! Which is right around what I’ve been thinking, but I’m going by what she says and that makes me 7w1d! She said all my symptoms sound great and are a sign of healthy pregnancy and she said it’s okay that I am not eating a balanced diet, at least I am getting some food in. That was a relief because I’ve been feeling really guilty about my lack of veggies and other nurturing food, but I just can’t stomach them right now. She said soon enough I will.

It’s real, it’s really really real. We’re pregnant! Wow. I’m still in shock some times.

A left for Maine shortly after we got home. We decided I should stay home since I’ve been feeling so crappy and the car makes me feel worse (and a lot of the driving is on winding back roads…). She’ll only be away over night so I can manage.

Happy Friday and happy weekend, everyone!